What To Expect

First Visit

The initial consultation is a thorough examination to determine how you can benefit from chiropractic. You can expect to be in the clinic for approximately 40 minutes.

After the initial paperwork, you will meet with your chiropractor to conduct a neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic examination as well as gather a thorough history. If necessary, X-rays can be taken on site.

You can usually expect to receive your first chiropractic adjustment during this consultation. Feel assured that if the chiropractor does not feel chiropractic is appropriate, you will be referred to a more suitable professional.

If at any stage you have any questions feel free to ask. If at any stage of chiropractic care you wish not to continue care for whatever reason please let us know.

Your Second Visit

This is our opportunity to review the results of your first appointment and to let you know exactly what is going on, as well as discuss treatment options.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes for this Report of Findings visit. You can expect to review the following:

Regular Visits

Often spinal dysfunction or stiffness has built up over many years. It is often necessary to train the joints to move properly again in order to attain optimal spinal function. Correction takes place over time with a series of regular adjustments.

Expect to spend about 15 minutes at the clinic for these visits. We will schedule thorough re-examinations called Progress Exams from time to time. These take a little longer but we will always let you know in advance. When you first begin treatment we typically ask to see you more often, as your treatment progresses we will spread the visits out.

And don’t worry: although the adjustment can be a little noisy, it will be gentle, specific and in almost all cases absolutely painless.